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2010, Apr, 24th, Stadtkurier Freiburg, Unser Roboter ist 'Freiburger der Woche' (german)

2008, July 16th, heise online, "RoboCup-WM 2008: Mach mir die Zahnbürste" (german)

2008, January 2nd, C. Wulff Broschüre, "Forschung und Innovation sind unsere Stärken" (german)

2006, June 20th, Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung "Diese Uni ist schon Weltmeister" (german)

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Learning to swing-up and balance a cart-pole. No prior information was given. The system learns only by interaction with the environment. Evolution of the Brainstormers Tribots. Watch the development from the student project to the award winning autonomous robot soccer team. Visit the project page for more information. Imagined motor commands are used for high-level remote control of an autonomous, reinforcement-learning-based robotic system for reaching and grasping several kilometers away. Visual Deep Learning. A controller learns to swing up and balance an under-motorized pole system using only raw visual information, with features being extracted directly through deep learning.

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