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Brainstormers Tribots source code

Driven by the idea to improve the general level of play in the Midsize league and inspired by positive experiences in the Simulation league we decided to publish the code with which we successfully participated at the German Open 2005 competition. We hope that this will help especially new teams to improve their play quickly and to overcome basic problems in vision, self-localization and robot control.

The code contains:

  • the program that controls the robot except the code that generates the robot's behavior. It primary contains the main control loop, vision, world model and communication with the motor controller
  • a simple simulator
  • calibration tools for vision
  • debugging tools
  • remote control tool with referee-box connection

It is developed in C++ under Linux. Visualization tools are based on QT3.

The code is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. It comes without any warranty. An incomplete documentation in German language is attached. We cannot offer any support. For more information also consult our publications list.

Brief Description

Here are some remarks on the software and the tools. In general, the software works well but some parts caused a lot of trouble (especially the UDP communication).

The major software design is based on the idea of a clocked control loop and a sequential control flow. Four major subtasks are realized as independent units: vision, world model, behavior (not published) and robot access.The world model deals as server for the other subtasks: it integrates incoming preprocessed sensory information and it provides state information.

Visualization, calibration and debugging are done in separate programs that eventually communicate with the main control program via UDP.