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Future computer programs will contain a growing part of 'intelligent' software modules that are not conventionally programmed, but that are learned either from data provided by the user or from data that the program autonomously collects during its use.

In this spirit, the Machine Learning Lab deals with research on Machine Learning techniques and the integration of learning modules into larger software systems, aiming at their effective application in complex real-world problems. Application areas are robotics, control, forecasting and disposition systems, scheduling and related fields.

Research Areas: Efficient Reinforcement Learning Algorithms, Intelligent Robot Control Architectures, Learning in Multiagent Systems, (Un-)Supervised Learning, Deep Learning, Autonomous Robots, Industrial Applications, Clinical Applications


We are currently moving into the new Integrated Robotics Center, building 080 on the TF campus. Please note the updated contact info on our pages.

Wettbewerb Automatic Machine Learning

Change in Management 22.4.2015

Professor Riedmiller has left the Machine Learning Lab at the end of the winter term 2014/2015. After six productive and enjoyable years at the University of Freiburg, he will now be taking a research position in industry. He is looking forward to this exciting opportunity.

Particular thanks to all the students, colleagues and administrative staff, who have contributed to the success of the Machine Learning Lab in the recent years! Keep on learning!

Dr. Joschka Bödecker will temporarily head the MLL lab and teach the courses in the upcoming summer term.

Wettbewerb Automatic Machine Learning

Wettbewerb Automatic Machine Learning 22.4.2015

Sieben Mitarbeiter der Gruppen „Automatisches Algorithmendesign“ von Dr. Frank Hutter und „Maschinelles Lernen“ von Prof. Martin Riedmiller haben in der ersten Phase des Wettbewerbs Automatic Machine Learning (AutoML) den ersten Platz erreicht.

Audi Autonomous Driving Cup

Audi Autonomous Driving Cup 27.3.2015

We're happy to be able to congratulate our students of Team FRUIT for reaching the finals and scoring an impressive third place at the first Audi Autonomous Driving Cup. In the competition hosted this week by the Audi AG in Ingolstadt, teams from ten universities were tasked with solving various aspects of autonomous driving.

System Design Project Competition

System Design Project Competition 17.2.2015

The annual final competition of the System Design Project will take place this Wednesday, February 18. First year students will compete with LEGO robots developed over the past semester to finish an unknown course as quickly as possible. This year, a livestream will be available as well, which you can watch here.


GSO-2014 31.7.2014

We organised the Seventh International Workshop on Guided Self-Organization GSO-2014 in collaboration with the BrainLinks-BrainTools cluster of excellence at University of Freiburg.

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