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Seventh International Workshop on Guided Self-Organization

The University of Freiburg is pleased to host the 7th International Workshop on Guided Self-Organisation

in collaboration with BrainLinks - BrainTools, December 16-18, 2014.

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Call for Abstracts

Dear colleagues,

This is an announcement and Call for Abstracts for the Seventh International Workshop on Guided Self-Organisation (GSO-2014) to be held from December 16-18, 2014 in Freiburg, Germany.

The workshop will bring together researchers from a richly diverse background who share interest in understanding and designing self-organising systems. Of particular interest are well-founded, but general methods for characterizing such systems in a principled way with the view of ultimately allowing them to be guided toward prespecified goals. Information theory, nonlinear dynamics and graph theory are core to many of these methods, and quantifying complexity and its sources is a common theme.

This year, the workshop is organised in collaboration with the BrainLinks-BrainTools cluster of excellence at University of Freiburg ( ), and one focus theme will be guided self-organisation in neural systems.

Submissions to the workshop are extended abstracts (one-two pages). If interested in participating, send an extended abstract (by September 7th, 2014) by email to:

jboedeck at informatik dot uni-freiburg dot de

The notifications are expected by September 21st, 2014.

Authors of accepted submissions will present the content to the workshop (scheduled 30 minutes presentation). It is expected that post-workshop publication of selected papers will follow in a special journal issue (as has been the case for previous GSO workshops). Please consult the website above and also for more information.

Best wishes,

Joschka Boedecker, Mikhail Prokopenko, Martin Riedmiller